Through our partnership with MULUSE TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD, both companies are able to provide additional resources including project management, engineering services, architectural designs & drawings and much more -all designed to simplify the process for their clients from start to finish.

Kibiwa & Muluse Technical Services Ltd’s team of experienced professionals strive to make your project a success from the beginning stages of planning to the final touches on completion. They have an extensive portfolio of custom built homes, office buildings, schools and other projects throughout Uganda.

Their experienced staff follows through with all projects until completion, offering complete satisfaction with every job they do. From inspections to design planning through site-supervision, Kibiwa General Enterprises Ltd has become synonymous with high quality workmanship at competitive prices.

For any size project from traditional builds or renovations Kibiwa General Enterprises Limited & Muluse Technical Services Ltd are able to provide custom fits and extraordinary craftsmanship for every situation – whether it be for commercial or residential needs as well public utilities in Uganda.

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